Our Promise


A Vision of Excellence

Like any company should be, we are committed to excellence in all areas of our business.  While we recognize the importance of doing things right, we also focus on doing the right things.  This is where we begin.

We aim to be leaders in our industry.  We recognize that people are the most important factor in growing and succeeding in business. We value and respect our family of clients, partners and employees.

Trusted Relationships

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we completely understand their unique and individual needs.  We care about helping our clients succeed by reaching their growing business goals.  We do what it takes to reach our goal of total client satisfaction.  We aim to build life-long connections and trusted relationships.

Future Building

In partnership with top-notch professionals, we are building a professional network of trusted business advisors.  With an eye on the future and together with forward-thinking partners, we will continually challenge our team to develop new and better ways of working for ourselves, our clients and the environment.  By January 2014 our firm will have fully implemented new technology which will allow us to operate more efficiently in a paperless office.

Life-Long Learning

We are driven to achieve through life-long learning and professional development.  We have created our own business training and education centre and we now offer a full calendar of evening and weekend programs focused on business development, improvement and growth.

Life-Work Balance

We actively promote life-work balance in the workplace.  We support the health of our employees by providing generous vacation periods and benefits beyond a pay cheque.  Our recipe for success is simple – we love to have fun and we enjoy what we do. We have extensive training programs and systems in place to ensure that our employees can reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

From Business to The Arts

We love to give back to our community in an artistic way.  We regularly support music festivals, art projects, music schools and individual artists.  We also donate to our favourite local charities:  The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) and JazzFM91.